• Mr. Timothy Hicks – Secondary Dept. Principal

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    Tim began his career in education in the Fall of 1987 in Atlanta, GA. In 35 years, he has worked in public and charter schools in the US and international schools in Europe and South America. His work has been focused in Middle Schools and High Schools throughout his career. Over the years, Tim has led schools in leadership roles such as department chair, grade level chair, math coach, and assistant principal.

    Tim enjoys travel and through his international teaching experience has had the opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, visit Angel Falls in Venezuela, and explore Easter Island. He is looking forward to new experiences in Asia.
  • Ms. Catherine Chen – Office Manager

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    Catherine grew up in a family of five and she's the youngest one. She has enjoyed being back here after living in Canada for 7 years. She attended Windsor Secondary School located in North Vancouver and then moved to Ontario for her undergraduate study. She received her Bachelor's degree from Queen's University in Kingston Ontario. After graduation, she moved back to Taiwan to begin her work experience. Immediately after returning to Taiwan, she joined the TSMC customer service group. Working as the secretary for the secondary department of HIS for the past two years, she has learned much from the school, from the parents and also from the students. Being the office manager is another exciting move for her. This is her 10th year at HIS and she's really grateful to be here with all of you!
  • Ms. Laura Yeh – Secretary

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    Laura is very happy to be part of the big HIS family. Laura lived, worked and studied in British Columbia, Canada for 11 years. Before moving back to Taiwan, she worked in a law office for one year where she learned important skills for her job at HIS. Because Canada is such a multi-cultural country, she met people from many different countries and learned different languages such as English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Working at HIS makes her feel that she is still living in Canada. During her spare time, she loves to watch movies with her friends and family and also enjoys biking.
  • Mr. Alex Wang – Accounting

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    Alex was born in Hsinchu. He is very approachable and easy to get along with, both in and out of the professional environment. He sees it as one of his most important responsibilities to try to better his capabilities and continue on the road of learning. Alex was a diligent learner at school and that really helped him while doing research in graduate school. His graduate thesis was on the bond pricing of Financial industries. Having previously held the position of branch manager of the Hsinchu District China Trust Commercial Bank, Alex has broad experience in accounting. Besides bringing his expertise in accounting services to HIS, it is his aim to improve his English language skills.
  • Mr. Eric Chen – Information Technology Specialist

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    Eric majored in computers and education at university and obtained certification in elementary education. He also has expertise in operating system and server management, Cisco CCNA, Linux LPI Level 1, Microsoft MCP, MCSA and MCSE on server2003. Previously he has substituted at public elementary schools and worked in the IT department at a flash memory testing company. He is interested in sports and reading.
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  • Mr. Arman Torus – Science Educator

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    Mr. Torus is a teacher from Toronto, Canada. He has a Bachelor's degree in both Education and Science. After finishing his Bachelor of Education in 2007, he moved to Taiwan for a chance to explore Asia. Since being in Taiwan, he has been part of both Taiwanese Public Schools and International Schools. He recently had a son who is near the age of 1 and a 6-year-old son who will be attending HIS. Aside from Teaching Science and spending time with his family, he enjoys the outdoors and is an avid musician and songwriter who plays Guitar, Drums, and Piano.
  • Mr. Christopher Campbell – Science Educator

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    Mr. Christopher Campbell is excited to introduce himself as science teacher for a captivating journey of exploration and discovery! With a strong engineering background and a profound passion for knowledge-sharing, Mr. Campbell is committed to bringing science to life in the most captivating and engaging ways.

    Christopher holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Purdue University. His educational path has equipped him with a solid foundation for comprehending the complexities of our environment and its interactions with various scientific principles. He proudly served in the US military for a decade, rising to the rank of Captain in the United States Air Force. During this time, he held the position of environmental scientist and compliance officer at a small air base in Indiana. His dedicated efforts focused on maintaining a harmonious balance between human activities and the environment. These experiences deepened his understanding of the delicate interplay between scientific advancement and responsible care for our planet.

    When not igniting scientific curiosity within the classroom, Christopher can be found pursuing a diverse range of interests. He has a deep love for reading, believing that knowledge holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe. Beyond the realm of academia, he challenges himself by participating in 5k and 10k races, consistently pushing his physical limits. Christopher relocated from America to Taiwan in 2019 with his wife, who is Taiwanese, to start their family here.

    Within his classroom, science transforms from a mere subject into a thrilling adventure awaiting exploration. Christopher is dedicated to guiding students through the wonders of the natural world, fostering a sense of awe, and inspiring the upcoming generation of scientists, engineers, and critical thinkers. Together, let's embark on this expedition to unveil the mysteries that science has in store for us.
  • Mr. Javier Fernández – Science Educator

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    Javier was born and raised in a small town in the North-West of Spain. After obtaining his bachelor and master degrees in Physics at the University of Vigo (Spain), he came to Taiwan 16 years ago to continue his studies. He obtained his doctoral degree in Physics in National Tsing Hua University for this work developing and observing with automated telescopes. Afterward, he worked under a postdoctoral contract at the same university analyzing data coming from ground-based telescopes and satellites.

    He has been working at HIS for several years already and when he is not in school, he likes to spend quality time with his family, watch classic movies, practice martial arts, tinker with his computer, and play old-school video games.

    Javier is very excited to work in HIS and help students getting ready for their future college life.
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  • Mr. Matt Churchill – Language Arts Educator

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    This is Mr. Churchill’s second year at HIS and he couldn’t be happier about it. He came to Taiwan 15 years ago and fell in love with it. He has worked at many schools in Taiwan but none with such a vibrant community of students and staff. Outside of school, Mr. Churchill enjoys biking, hiking Taiwan’s amazing mountains, and tabletop gaming. He has twin two-year-old daughters and a beautiful wife from Hsinchu.
  • Ms. Michelle Slabbert - Language Arts Educator

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    Michelle is excited to be continuing at Hsinchu International School and to continue to grow in our thriving community. She is from Johannesburg, South Africa and obtained her Bachelors in Education at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her B. Ed is a double major in English in Education and Geography in Education. Along with her husband (and now daughter) she has lived in Taiwan for a number of years. Michelle has had the privilege to work at a diverse range of schools in Taiwan that has broadened her understanding of both Taiwanese culture and the needs of native and non-native speakers of English. Michelle is also very interested in the areas of Critical Literacy Metacognition and this can be seen in her approach to teaching Language Arts. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys reading Sci-fi fantasy novels, cooking, baking, and crocheting. This school year she is especially excited about being involved in growing the school journalism club.
  • Mr. Colin Cochrane - Language Arts Educator

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    Colin Cochrane is a Canadian teaching English in the Secondary Department. His degree is in English, the Fine Arts, and the History of Art and Architecture, with post-graduate certification from the Ontario College of Teachers. His extensive teaching career has been supplemented by valuable experience in architectural preservation, cultural history museums, and British and European antiques. He believes that relating the English curriculum to life beyond the school walls is essential. He encourages students to become more accurate, articulate, and confident in English, and exploits the study of literature as a unique opportunity for them to gain pleasure, personal growth, and a deeper understanding of humanity. He genuinely enjoys his interaction with his students, and observes their individual progress with real interest.
  • Ms. Liling Chang - Math Educator

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    Liling grew up in Taiwan and obtained her Bachelor degree from the National Chengchi University. Because of her interest in education, she later acquired her post-bachelor degree in education at the National Taichung Teachers College. Liling has never forgotten her passion toward mathematics, and therefore decided to continue with a graduate program in mathematics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in the United States. Liling has enjoyed working with students at HIS and is passionate about igniting students’ passion for learning.
  • Ms. Jessie Lei - Math Educator

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    Jessie Lei grew up in Hong Kong, and have settled here in Taiwan for more than ten years. 
    She has her both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Hong Kong (HKU), in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and in Mathematics, respectively. 

    She has enjoyed teaching in Mathematics and Computer Programming. When she is not teaching, Ms. Lei enjoys spending time with her family reading, watching movies, and playing table tennis.
  • Mr. Dimitris Kanellopoulos - Art Educator

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    Having a nearly (or some might say, completely) unpronounceable Greek name, Dimitris decided to go by the English equivalent, James, or even simpler, Jim, shortly after he started living abroad - that was to make everyone’s life easier, his own included.

    Jim grew up in the beautiful country of Greece. From the small city near Athens that he was born, he moved to the Greek capital to study Art. It was there that he worked as a teacher and a professional artist, occasionally the previous two at the same time and, not so occasionally, over and above the humane man-hours. Soon, he found that life is too short to be living in one place and he decided to give himself a new perspective of life. Along with his family, he moved to Taiwan in 2010.

    At the time of writing, this is his sixth year in Hsinchu International School where he teaches Drawing and Painting, 2D Design, 3D Design and Digital Arts. Taiwan and HIS have given him memorable experiences and working alongside HIS students and staff whom he trusts and respects is exciting.

    His hobbies include making art, taking care of his dogs, annoying his wife by playing drums out of beat, playing Magic: the Gathering, working out, cooking, moviegoing and playing video games that actually require skill and strategic thought.
  • Mr. Hank Hsieh - Music Educator

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    Hank Hsieh, born in Taiwan, holds both Bachelor and Masters degrees of Music in Composition from University of British Columbia, Canada. He moved back to Taiwan 5 years ago and has been actively involved in Taiwan’s music industry. His works have won and been nominated for many awards, including Golden Melody Award, Golden Bell Award… etc.
  • Mr. Donovan Robus - Social Studies Educator

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    Mr. Robus holds Master’s degrees in both Social Sciences (Social Psychology/Sociology) and Education. He has been working as an educator since 1998 and has taught from Pre-K to undergraduate level in that time. 
    After leaving the United Kingdom, he moved to Taiwan “for just one year” but has now been living here for quite some time. His desire to work as an educator in a multicultural, international environment filled with students, parents, and educators from all over the world brought him to HIS in 2014. 
  • Mr. Harold Seymour - Social Studies Educator

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    Mr. Seymour has lived in Taiwan for over eleven years and has resided here in Hsinchu for the past ten years. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Mr. Seymour also had the opportunity to live in Mexico and Costa Rica before moving to Taiwan. His education background includes bachelor's degrees in history and anthropology and a minor in Spanish from the University of Louisville. In addition, he holds a Master's Degree in the Art of Teaching from the University of the Cumberlands. He will complete another Master's Degree in School Leadership from Asbury University during the 2022-2023 school year. Mr. Seymour's teaching experience includes English, Spanish, history, geography, anthropology, government, literature, and ESL courses. When he is not in the classroom, he enjoys being outdoors. Hiking, cycling, exploring Taiwan, sports, and exercising are all activities that interest him in his free time. Mr. Seymour looks forward to his 5th year at HIS and having a great school year!
  • Mr. Laurence Dean - Social Studies Educator

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    Laurence was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and had spent most of his life there until graduating university. Laurence attended the University of Western Ontario and earned a double degree in human resource management and sociology. After graduation, he came to Taiwan to pursue teaching and has been doing so ever since. He joined Hsinchu International School over five years ago working in both the elementary and secondary school departments as a substitute teacher. He has currently taken on a more permanent position as a part-time teacher in the secondary department.

    Laurence enjoys traveling and exploring new places in South East Asia with his lovely wife and two children. Together, they have explored the many different countries where sightseeing, tasting new food, scuba diving or reading on the beach is a must on any vacation. Laurence also enjoys watching the latest movies or going out to any new restaurant in Taiwan.

    Laurence loves the environment here at Hsinchu International School where a genuine love of learning is fostered in a warm atmosphere of friendship. Here teachers are constantly awakening a natural curiosity of education. Laurence is excited to work with the highly skilled and professional staff as well as the very enthusiastic and passionate students in grades 7,8 and 9. He looks forward to a very prosperous and productive year.
  • Mr. Francisco González - ESL / Spanish Educator

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    Francisco was born and raised in Cordoba, a beautiful historical town in southern Spain where he completed English Studies (language and literature), while also participating in yearly exchange programs both nationally (University of Barcelona) and internationally (Universite Paris 8). After working in local academies and giving private lessons for a while, he realized that teaching Spanish abroad might actually be the best choice to advance his professional career. Following a brief stint in Rizhao (China), he then moved to Turkey, the place he has called home for the past 7 years. In order to broaden his interests and improve his skills, during this time Fran also completed an M.A in Contemporary Culture and Philosophy (UOC) and a PGDE in Secondary Education (VIU)

    Parallel to his career as an educator, Fran is also a multidisciplinary artist whose practice encompasses sound, video, text, and other means of expression. Some of the main concerns tackled in his work include experience, perception, environment, and the myriad lines that crisscross between them, employing strategies such as focused observation, field recordings, and artistic installations to engage with them. He is also part of a large network of sound artists that spans all of Taiwan and will be involved in activities and performances in the near future in Hsinchu.

    Fran is very happy to be a part of HIS and hopes to contribute a great deal to the institution and help students fulfill their potential.
  • Ms. Sophie Su - Chinese Educator

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    Sophie has her Master’s degree from National Tsing Hua University, in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. She loves all her students trying to learn everything she taught them and talk to her in Chinese.

    “Learn in order to practise.” is her goal for her students, she develops different ways to help her students understand and master Chinese easily. She always encourages students not to be afraid to make mistakes, because mistakes will help them learn better. And she is always willing to help them get better.

    In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, travel, read, and play with her two lovely dogs- xiao guai and feeble, or be a photographer when her husband skates.
  • Mr. Tiger Liu - Physical Fitness Educator

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    Mr. Liu (or Mr. Tiger) was born and raised in Taiwan. He holds a bachelor's degree in Applied English from Chinese Culture University. Given his passion for sports and fitness, Mr. Liu has a clear direction for his career development in the health and fitness industry.

    Mr. Liu is an experienced sports educator, who specialized in water sports (surfing and SUP). He currently holds the first and only ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) L3 SUP instructor and surf instructor certificate in Taiwan. Also, he has been part of the "Taitung County Ocean Sports Education” project for the last 4 years as the lead trainer for elementary and high school teachers in Taitung. He has also been a frequent guest on the podium in SUP(Stand Up Paddle) sports.

    Mr. Liu has 10 years of work experience as a business development manager in sports equipment and fitness software companies. During the last decade, he has traveled around Europe, Asia, and Australia. Mr. Liu is very excited to join HIS to pass on his expertise in PE to help students to learn and grow actively.
  • Ms. Peggy Wen - College Counselor

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    Peggy grew up in Hsinchu. After completing her college education in Taiwan, she went to the US and obtained law degrees from both Cornell University and Washington University in St. Louis. She was an attorney in Chicago before moving back to Taiwan with her family. Peggy has never forgotten how important her higher education and global experience are to her both professionally and personally. Therefore, she has dedicated herself to assisting students in discovering their strengths and interests, exploring career alternatives, and finding suitable institutions of higher learning. Before joining Hsinchu International School, Peggy has been a college admissions consultant with Solo International Education for four years. She is excited to work with HIS students to discover their potential, develop persistence and prepare students to embark on an exciting future and a fulfilling life.
  • Mrs. Joanne Kaufman - School Nurse

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    A Taichung native, Joanne graduated from Nursing College in Taipei. From there she proceeded to work at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital International Medical Center in LinKou where she was a leader of the ICU ward she had been maintaining for five years. She later moved to Hsinchu where she spent the next two years assisting in the operating room at the National Taiwan University Hospital.

    Since her time in the O.R., Joanne has been a personal professional caregiver for young children while raising a family of her own. Eager to rejoin the workforce, Joanne decided to combine her love for medicine and children and found a perfect match here at HIS. Joanne enjoys traveling and cooking as well as a good movie. She cherishes family and friends above all and is eager to help those in need.  She is grateful to have joined such a great staff and team at HIS as the school nurse.