• Preparing students for the best universities worldwide
• Excellence in academics and creative arts for over 30 years
• Full WASC accreditation & 30-year ECIS worldwide listing
• Complete western program taught in English
• Experienced, fully qualified teachers from K-12
• Over 180 students representing 20 nationalities
• Focusing on academic, social and emotional development
• Motivating students to develop a lifelong love of learning
• Challenging students to think creatively
• Beautiful and stimulating purpose-built campus

HIS at a glance

HIS was founded, and is still run by, Head of School & Elementary Principal Mrs. Rowena Lines in 1981. It is a fully licensed, independent international school which has provided quality education for the children of foreign nationals living in the Hsinchu area for over four decades. Our purpose-built campus is designed to provide the best educational environment and resources for our students, offering comprehensive and continuous education for students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.

"Previous HIS graduates have gone on to achieve great success at such prestigious universities as Stanford, Caltech, Oxford and St. Andrew’s. Recent graduates are enjoying life at Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute of Music, Manhattan School of Art and Design, Hong Kong University, Penn State, NYU, UBC, and Juilliard."

Our emphasis is on providing quality education in a warm, secure atmosphere of friendship and trust, and in fostering a genuine love of learning, an enquiring mind, and a well-rounded personality. Once a child’s innate curiosity has been aroused, the whole learning process begins; our objective is to extend this process with mutual joy and enthusiasm, to actively involve our students in the world of thought.

Our goals

Our expectations for teachers and students are high. We set goals to be achieved through motivation, enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication. Academic excellence results from the combination of a well-coordinated, structured program, using well-researched, carefully selected materials implemented by experienced, motivated teachers who are excited about the whole process of educating and developing young minds. Creativity is stimulated both in the regular classes, and through our arts program. Our students continue to achieve awards and recognition in the creative and performance arts. Along with academic and creative progress, our aim is to develop such traditional values as integrity, honesty, self-reliance, adaptability, a sense of humour, and awareness of the needs of others in the local and wider world community.

"Our campus was designed by a team of school architects and experienced educators with a view to providing the best teaching and learning environment possible."

Our classrooms are bright and stimulating, well-lit and air-conditioned. Class sizes range from 10–20 students with an average student/teacher ratio of 14/1. Our teachers are well-qualified and experienced, coming from Canada, South Africa, Australia, the UK, and the US. Several have been at the school for more than five years. In the younger grade classes, qualified, experienced assistants, many who have been at HIS for over fifteen years, work alongside the homeroom teachers. Our campus was designed by a team of school architects and experienced educators with a view to providing the best teaching and learning environment possible. It embodies and reflect the vibrancy of our school community and the joy of learning together—which is the essence of HIS.
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